self care

You are not alone

These are resources I’ve used that have helped me along the way as well as ones others have provided. I encourage you to find the ones that work for you.    ~ Lori 

take the edge off!

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Resources from Lori

Book: The Artist's Way
Self Help Books
Book: Time Cure
Book: The Game of Life
talk on being vulnurable
Brené Brown TED Talk
Daily Meditations
Book: The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
CALM app
Sound Healing
Book: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy
Mindvalley Meditation
Yoga with Adriene
Hardship into Happiness: Leveraging Your Laziness

Resources from Others

showing hands, a woman using a smartphone in a case
Crisis Text Line
website cover page for suicide hotline
Lifeline Hotline
Home Page for Mental Illness Poscast
Podcast: Mental Illness Happy Hour
home page for website The Recovery Village
The Recovery Village