"We all think there is something outside ourselves that has the answers.
It’s so tempting to follow that because it means being accepted,
being “good” and “doing what is right.” But that system is rarely successful.
It’s important to find your own voice, your own way, your own intuition.
Creating North Star is my way of sharing how I found mine."
Lori Hamilton
Creator of North Star

About The show

North star

Known by her mom as “the child who ruined my life,” Lori Hamilton was forced to find her own way in life. Yet she turned out JUST FINE!

It’s all been captured in North Star, a one-woman show full of insight, humour, song and dance. It feautres flawed, quirky and often funny characters; even her guardian angel is on probation due to a poker problem. 

The show, directed by the award-winning Sean Daniels features a line-up of Broadway musicians. North Star had it’s unconventional premiere streamed online during 2021’s Brighton Fringe Festival. 

North Star charts Lori’s journey from an early life with a father addicted to prescription drugs, followed by a husband who punched holes in walls, through to becoming an award-winning actor, singer and comedian. 

Faced by the option to “sink or swim” it reveals how Lori did both. More than that, she’s actually happy.

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