Known by her Mum as “the child who ruined my life," Lori Hamilton was forced to find her own way in life. Her show, North Star, is a mix of tragedy, laughter, hope and gutsy determination.

North West End UK praised... "...excellent and her characterisation of other
roles is very funny"

Denver’s Go Go Magazine said Lori is “…one heck of an actress – the girl could dance … this girl could sing too”

Atlanta Press said a previous performance by Lori Hamilton as “Brilliant … comical … inspirational”

Lori Hamilton • Creator, Comedian & Singer/Songwriter

Listening to your own voice is not easy.

Ever met someone with a really great intuition for everyone but themselves? Meet Lori Hamilton and hear her story of going from being called “the child who ruined my life” by her own mum to becoming a happy and successful artist and business owner.

Lori Hamilton’s North Star

Sneak Peek

Hamilton's Original Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes

I Want To Be Good is a song of longing from a scared little girl that is looking for love and happiness.

1908 John and Mary Bocinski family with children L to R Frank, John, Annie and Marie 2 2

How can a song be funny AND serious at the same time? Lori does it here when she pays homage to her Great Grandmother. And that (to the right!) is Lori's Great Grandmother!

Lori Hamilton Main Crop 1

Do All The Things is a fast-paced, action packed song that brings All The Things full circle.

Album 2 copy

Near Star / Finally is the song that finishes Lori's biographical story with hope. We need only listen to oursevles.

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Dates: X-XX August  •  Time: 12:30

Duration: 55 min  •  Ticket prices: £35

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Advisory: Suitable for adults

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How did Lori Do it?

Learn how Lori has worked over the years and recent pandemic months on North Star. It involved a lot of rewrites, talented people, injuries and rehearsals. And a couple of cats. Yes, cats.