Lori Hamilton

Writer, Director, Performer

It’s Lori’s show. Indeed, it’s autobiographical. Full of humour and song, North Star is about charting a way through life’s tragedies, calamities and pratfalls to eventual happiness. 

Lori is a New York comedian, actor and singer (Eddie’s Attic comedy club in Atlanta rather flatteringly called her a “comedy goddess”) who has created four one-woman shows, won the Barrow Group 48-hour film festival writing award, toured the Southwest as a singer with the UCLA Jazz club and has sung with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Opera and the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

She has performed in lots of late-night gigs at big comedy clubs in New York where most people were drunk and not listening. Lori is a member of the Friar’s Club. Lori has won 53 awards for creativity, amongst them five for Best Show.

The flip side of her life is as a businesswoman, running a market research company, generating billions of dollars for clients. While humans may see all of this as success, Lori’s cats are resolutely unimpressed.

Her origins are in a northern Californian suburb outside Berkeley where Lori grew up surrounded by people of many backgrounds and ideas. It was a good start. But things went downhill, not least because her Dad died in her Freshman year, and she’s been supporting herself since she was an 18-year-old student.

The best job she could get to stay at university was doing research interviews in the poorer parts of East LA. The upside was meeting all kinds of people and finding beauty, grace and courage in every walk of life. This, and some unfortunate early work experiences, did much to shape Lori’s views and sharpen her humour. One of her recent shows, The Corporate Knobs, takes a swipe at bad businesses practices. These are embodied by the activities of a fictional company that revels in the name and slogan Landalor Industries – A Growing Concern.

Other projects have included The Silly and Unnecessary Variety Show, streamed live from her home as part of TheSpaceUK’s 2020 online Edinburgh Fringe programme. Then there is Project Spudway, a continuation of her short film project collaboration, Potato Family, with animator Montana Hall. It features lessons from Project Runway told through the eyes of animated potatoes.

Learn more about Lori: TheLoriHamilton.com

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @thelorihamilton