Lori Hamilton

Writer, Director, Performer

Lori is a New York comedian, actor and singer (Eddie’s Attic comedy club in Atlanta rather flatteringly called her a “comedy goddess”) who has created four one-woman shows including Fairy Godmothers, Psychic Friends, and other Myth Information which toured the United States as part of the National New Play Festival.  She won the Barrow Group 48-hour film festival writing award, she has sung with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Opera and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Lori has also taken 10 masterclasses with the American Cinematographer’s Society and completed a film certification program from NYU in 2021.

She has performed in lots of late-night gigs at big comedy clubs in New York for lots of drunk people and bachelorette parties. In the past year, Lori has won 19 awards for her animation and short film projects, bringing her total award count for creative excellence to 59.

Other projects include Landalor Industries which is a satirical take on corporate America with short films that range from a web series to a television pilot. The Silly and Unnecessary Variety Show was streamed live from her home as part of TheSpaceUK’s 2020 online Edinburgh Fringe programme. Then there is Project Spudway, a continuation of her short film project collaboration, Potato Family, with animator Montana Hall. It features lessons from Project Runway told through the eyes of animated potatoes. 

Learn more about Lori at TheLoriHamilton.com

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @thelorihamilton