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Welcome to North Star

North Star. What it’s all about

North Star. A Thank You from Lori

North Star. We’ve all been through a lot.

North Star. Lori is Ready.

North Star. Family Baggage.

North Star. Advice from a Guardian Angel.

North Star. Mother-in-Law Snacks.

North Star. What Lori Learned in School.

North Star. Great Grandmother, ‘Don’t Make Waves’.

North Star. When Someone Betrays Me.

Original soundtracks

I Want To Be Good

Lori Hamilton

As a child, my biggest wish was to be considered a good girl.

Great Grandmother’s Song

Lori Hamilton

A hilarious message from Lori’s Great Grandmother on how to survive. “Don’t make waves!”


Lori Hamilton

Lori finds a creative kindred spirit.

Queen of the Night

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Betrayal and anger!

Shores of Avalon – Reprieve

Tina Malia

A tragic loss.

Refugee Chorus

Giuseppe Verdi

All is lost.

Doll Song

Jacques Offenbach

What does it look like when you work 90 hours a week? A lot of chaos and things falling down.

Shores of Avalon

Tina Malia

This song is a love letter to my sister when she was suffering.

Do All the Things

Lori Hamilton

Lori’s obsession with activity is applied to meditation, with mixed results.


Manhattan Transfer

Lori’s Guardian Angel calls Customer Service.

Near Star/
Finally Reprieve

Lori Hamilton

At last, the answer becomes clear. It was here all along.

La Rondine

Giuseppe Verdi

A full circle moment, with love.

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