Suitcase History

The Cast of Many Suitcases

It’s not a Kardashian, it’s Lori with her set… of suitcases.

What makes a one-person show more vibrant? A set made of suitcases! eBay, Etsy and Amazon were all there to help Lori find just the right “cast” of vintage suitcases. Turns out vintage suitcases are beautiful and fragile. Several had to be repaired after the rigorous dance/comedy routines in Lori’s rehearsal studio (AKA apartment). 

The Cast of Many Suitcases have weathered some bumps and bruises. Our team jokes that the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Suitcases (SPCS) has issued a summons for all the suitcase carnage you see here. Big thanks to Cobbler Concierge for taking wonderful care of North Star’s “cast” and suitcase understudies. 

The suitcases, which form the sets, are in constant motion – being sat upon, thrown around and even put into a tower and knocked over. They serve as a desk, a bed, and a bathroom wall among other things. 

Repaired and re-repaired… they are ready and waiting for their next show. They even nest together into just three suitcases! Another magic trick of the North Star show.

Stack of suitcases with Lori Hamiton peering over it

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