About the Writer

Lori Hamilton... she's interviewed over 25,000 people in every walk of life. From the projects of East LA to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. In almost every state and 23 countries. People are endlessly fascinating to Lori and she uses those gifts of interpretation to bring stories to light. In North Star, she shares her own story of triumph from abusive childhood to successful writer, business owner and someone who lives with joy and hope and shares it with abandon. She's won 40 awards for her creative work and has accolades from across America.


About North Star, The Show

This show tells the story of Lori Hamilton and how she went from her mother call her "the child who ruined my life" as her mother's first born to becoming a successsful and happy woman. The story takes you from a dysfunctional childhood to corporate america to devastating loss and back again. The story is told with a comedic truths, poingant insights and soul-filled music.

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The North Star Sound Track has been in the works for months and culminated into a heartfelt, moving album full of songs that touch on the hilarity and seriousness and sadness of life through classic songs written and performed by Lori Hamilton.

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