This book was prescribed to me when I was diagnosed with depression. The author has an 80% recovery rate for even his most severe patients when using this approach in combination with therapy and medication. For those of you afraid of medication, here’s what to know. Depression or anxiety re-sets the chemical levels (adrenaline, etc.) in your body. As your body experiences this imbalance, your mind will search for things to justify it. The body feels depressed or anxious physically, your mind will look for things to make sense of that emotion. 

One thing I really like about this book is the authentic tone of the author. As I was first reading it, I was thinking “this is nonsense and won’t work.” That got my interest. 

Even if you are not depressed, i would suggest you give this book a look. It’s got all kinds of exellent, short checklists and tools to help you untangle your thinking. 

I have given this book as a gift more times than I can remember!