I use this book daily for affirmations about prosperity. There are dozens of ideas (in all caps type) throughout the book. Each day, I repeat three of these out loud, 15 times each. I have the pages with the affirmations dog-eared so I can find them easily.

As I say in my show, North Star, your mind is like a giant file cabinet. Whatever you hear, it believes as true, even if you don’t believe it.  If you have 1000 messages saying, “you’re worthless,” all you have to do is say “I am worthy” to yourself 1001 times and it will reset the  operating system of your beliefs.

I use this book as a way to replace some old ideas that don’t work for me! (Please note this book also has a bit of a religious bent to it, which you can ignore and interpret as you please.). Take what you like and leave the rest!