The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn – a healer from the 1930s and 40’s! She talks a lot about the power of affirmations. One lesson I particularly enjoy is the idea of “signs of land.” Often when we go to achieve our goals, we’ll get a much smaller, less impressive version of our goal along the way. It’s easy to be disappointed at the moment. She talks about a client who wanted to manifest a set of dishes, but was given a chipped teacup from a friend. “It’s a sign of land!” says Florence. Before a ship hits land, the crew will start to see twigs in the water or birds. Those small things indicate you are going in the right direction – a sign of land. She has a religious tone to her work, but if that’s not your thing, just look at it as “The Universe” or whatever you believe in. As they say, “take what you like and leave the rest.”